for further notes on most releases listed here, please visit the discogs page detailing many releases by cryptic scenery, christian h. sötemann and the organisation of sound.

cryptic scenery discography

cupboard (tape, 1995, private release)
seashore (cd-r, 1997, private release)
a safety pin (tape, 1998, private release)
oceanic feeling (cd, 1999, starfish records)
being -six objects- (cd-r, 2001, bsbta)
cd-r (cd-r, 2002, bsbta)
four crescent figures (cd, 2002, bsbta)
behind the gates (cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
the singing machine (cd-r, 2003, retinascan)
music for museums (cd-r, 2003, bsbta)*
the playground of the world (cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
ontic (cd, 2003, bsbta)
cupboard (cd-r, 2004, bsbta)
simrishamn (cd-r, 2004, retinascan)
sedatives (cd-r, 2004, bsbta)
at the atelier (cd-r & painting, 2005, private release)
long to kiss (antenne) / escape (cryptic scenery) (7", 2005, bsbta)
seven bars of silence (cd-r, 2006, bsbta)
requested a.b.b.a. to tutorial headaches - split release with ianuar, stasola & behave without having a chance (cd-r, 2006, bsbta)
being / the 2nd rest (5", 2007, bsbta)
on the outskirts (cd, 2007, d'oorhinge l'orange)
the radar society (cd-r, 2008, tosom)
early morning haze (cd-r, 2009, d'oorhinge mandarine)
being / preparation (clean mix) / preparation (wide mix) (digital, 2010, sonus)
low battery (digital, 2010, test tube)
tragic monochrome (cd-r, 2011, tosom)
being -three sections- (cd-r, 2011, bsbta)
five mindsets (tape & digital, 2013, metaphysical circuits)
pharmaceutical industry (digital, 2015, bandcamp & cdbaby)
interstate (digital, 2015, metaphysical digital)
isolation & surveillance (digital / tape, bandcamp & metaphysical circuits)

on samplers:
the bridge (on 'hidden treasures', cd-r, 1999, public records)
spoon lost in the snow (on 'hidden treasures ii', cd-r, 1999, public records)
red brick coffin (on the february e.p. of the e.p. club, cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
being, cd-r, six daughters, behind the gates,
forward & zone i.d. (on 'bsbta 5-0, cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
being (on 'sonic supper #3', cd-r, 2004, sonic supper)
blue boy soul (on 'affiliate program, vol. 1, cd-r, 2004, bsbta)
discreetly trapped in webs (on 'the escape from beer mountain, cd-r, 2007, bsbta)
if there is something (on 'take refuge in pleasure‘, cd, 2009, burning sky records)
save someone else (on 'dylan sparrow presents save someone else', digital, 2015, bandcamp)
disused area (on '400/100‘, tape & digital, 2015, metaphysical circuits)

christian h. sötemann discography

music from & about suit-case (tape, 1995, private release)
being (cd-r, 1996, private release; edited version also as mp3 file, sonus)
next to mirror and tealight (tape, 1997, private release)
memory in the land of evening steel (tape, 1998, private release)
a deadline for the living (cd-r, 2001, ee tapes)
being -six objects- (cd-r, 2001, bsbta)
the kick-out disc (cd-r, 2002, bsbta)
golden ether (cd-r, 2002, bsbta)
seems ancient to me (cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
music for museums (cd-r, 2003, bsbta)*
electronic works (cd-r, 2004, promo; also as digital files, sonus)
new minimalist (cd-r, 2004, bsbta)
sine world (cd-r, 2005, yousns)
being -three sections- (cd-r, 2011, bsbta)

a number of digital versions of several tracks ('being', 'relentlessness' and others are included in the online listening library 'sonus'

on samplers:
bell (dark) & brrr (with v. a., on 'musical chain letters', cd-r, 2002, bsbta)
con/crete/cow/boy (for (the) e.(b.)p.)/
les vagues pulsatives/refuse to act on lorry (with v.a., on 'footnotes',
cd-r, 2002, bsbta)
sedatives (on the june e.p. of the 'e.p. club', cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
the train (on 'lpn 3', cd-r, 2003, private release)
being, two pictures, kick out the disc (on 'bsbta 5-0', cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
being (on 'sonic supper #3', cd-r, 2004, sonic supper)
inauspicious & the buoy (on 'blow your own melodica', cd-r, 2005, bsbta)

the organisation of sound discography

music for museums (cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
office music (cd-r, 2005, yousns)
behead butlers at discotheque aorta - split release with bellerophone, karla mishue & the slate pipe banjo draggers (cd-r, 2006, bsbta)
illusion of a movement (cd-r, 2007, ostroga)
briefest sketchbook (5", 2007, bsbta)

on samplers:
sadness will you shimmer? (on the july e.p. of the 'e.p. club', cd-r, 2003, bsbta)
summer sky (on au revoir, 3s3ta, cd-r, 2008, bsbta)